"Turkish passport". Get yours by Investing In Real Estates.

What are the advantages for obtaining a Turkish passport ?

Is Turkey a suitable country for immigration?

Is Turkey worth investing in?

With the amount set for obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can get passports of European countries such as Portugal, Greece and Spain.

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International Education

The educational fees are cheap in Turkish universities. Also, the ability of banking without restrictions.

Travel and trade worldwide

The ability to travel to ‘110’ different countries with no visa requierments. Also, Easy trade without sanctions around the world.

New identity

The ability of Choosing a new name and surname with Turkish identity. Also, the possibility of employment in governmental offices.

American and Canadian visas

Owning a Turkish passport will make it easier to obtain European ,American and Canadian visas.

Passport for family

Family Citizenship which includes spouses and children under 18. Also,the validity of citizenship on a permanent basis.

Education and treatment

Advanced healthcare and modern educational systems.

Investment in real estate


Geographically and politically, Turkey has always played an important role as a trade highway between eastern and western countries in different eras. Millions of people from all over the world visit Turkey every year, especially Istanbul and Antalya. Therefore, the potential of establishing connections with different people from all over the world is high. It is a great and smart opportunity to start a business and trade at international levels in Turkey. On the other hand, the laws of the Turkish government aim to encourage and attract more investments which are largely in favor of foreign investors. However, the interests of the Turkish government can be seen and felt. Compared to other countries, especially European countries, it has been proven that Turkey has easier and smoother conditions.

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Immigration to Turkey


You may have heard many reasons for immigrating to Turkey and obtaining it’s passport. The main benefit is the ability to travel to different countries with no need for a visa. But let us talk about a different topic that has received less attention. In the region where Iran, Iraq, Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries are located, there is a challenge that experts have been seriously warning about for years, the lack of fresh water resources. Experts believe that the importance of fossil fuels, oil and gas mines will decrease in the near future so the water issue will become the main challenge in the upcoming years. As you know, among all the mentioned countries, Turkey has a favorable situation in terms of rainfall per capita and will have the least challenges regarding the water crisis compared to other countries in the region. The Turkish government is seriously working hard to save and optimally use all water resources. In this case, The citizens of Turkey will experience the least risk and challenges in the issue of water crisis compared to the citizens of other countries. If you care about the future of yourself and your children then think more about getting your second citizenship, Turkish passport.

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5 clear step


All these steps are carried out by the official lawyers of MalekInvest .The clients   are exempted from any challenges and administrative affairs.

Take the first step with confidence
Step 1

Choose a property to buy.

Property that is worth more than $400,000.

Step 2

Property value report.

To determine the final value of your property by an expert.

Step 3

Receiving the document and signing a pledge not to sell the property for up to 3 years.

It is possible to rent the property within 3 years.

Step 4

Applying for temporary residency in Turkey until the passport is issued.

Issuance of residency in less than 20 days.

Step 5

Applying for a Turkish passport and receiving a tracking code.

To follow the passport approval and issuance status.

Congratulations, you are now a Turkish citizen. 

Enjoy your stay!

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Terms and conditions of obtaining a Turkish passport through the purchase of property

1. You are not limited  to buying a residential property only but You can buy an office, hotel and any kind of other properties as well.
2. The property should be owned by a Turkish citizen and not a foreigner. Also, the three previous sellers must not be foreigners as well (Just Turkish).
3. If you purchase more than one property, then you should bring their total value to $400,000.
4. You can get your Turkish citizenship without having to live in Turkey.
5. The buyer, his wife and children under “18“ can obtain a Turkish passport.
6. Children over 18 years old are not included.If you get a Turkish passport through the purchase of a property, it is not possible to sell the property for up to 3 years. But, you can rent the property freely.

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