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Melkinvest is an active company in the field of investment, citizenship and residency services in Turkey. It was established with the aim of providing professional personalized services. We seek constant satisfaction from our clients. We are aware of the problems and challenges of this market that we might face at some point, but we have the experience in overcoming those issues in a professional way. Therefore, we have built our business based on honesty and accountability. The success of our business is only measured by the satisfaction of our client.

Why MelkInvest?

Full Personalized Services

We take the time to understand your preferences, concerns and desires, so we can provide you with our personalized services and solutions tailored exclusively for you.

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Why MelkInvest?

Realistic & Logical Solutions

Melkinvest is Up to date regarding market and trends. therefor you will be given the most realistic solutions.

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Why MelkInvest?

Best Price in the Market

Melkinvest has a direct connections with the property owners and real estate agencies in order to give you the best and reasonable price.

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We believe in our

Visions & Values

To become one of the largest real estate reference company in Turkey. Our measure of success is to maintain our sincere relationship with our clients.

To provide comprehensive and personalized services according to the conditions and needs of each client to avoid time and money wasting

To provide realistic, logical and practical solutions based on client needs and goals to determine the best decision to fulfill the deal

To provide services at the most professional level by hiring a team of experts to avoid legal consequences and hasty actions

Having a successful business reputation based on honesty and ethics

Turkish citizenship by

инвестиции в недвижимость

Since 2018, the Turkish government made it easier to obtain the Turkish citizenship through buying properties with the value of 400,000 USD . By owning this property, you will be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. As Melkinvist, we shall be responsible for the whole process starting from choosing a property till the issuance of your citizenship. Our professional Turkish lawyers shall make the process easier and faster. Also, our services are offered for free to the clients.

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